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Launch Brigade is a web development agency in the San Francisco Bay Area comprised of a team of highly skilled and dedicated employees who all share one common interest: Doing things right. Creating websites and applications requires more than the ability to write code. A detailed set of processes is required from beginning to end to ensure each project is a success.


We are Technologists, Creatives, and Business Minded people who look at your project with a big picture perspective beyond just the appearance of the website itself. Your website reflects on your business, and it should serve you as a powerful sales tool, facilitating communication between your business and your customers, new and old.


Our company set its roots in 2005 providing technical consulting for businesses, primarily in the area of internet based Linux servers and Open Source software. The company was founded by Chris Miller who spent a decade working with Internet technologies, with time spent at Sun Microsystems during the Dot Com era, as well as building and managing a Silicon Valley internet hosting provider. Supporting the “back end” of over a thousand websites, and working with San Jose web designers and programmers to build and scale their web creations, this extensive experience could benefit a wider audience.


Shortly after moving the business to Santa Cruz in 2008 and becoming involved in the local community, Chris founded an advanced technical training program. He had identified a lack of available local talent with the required skills to build scalable web applications, and local schools did not offer the advanced curriculum. Working with the computer science staff at Cabrillo College, an internship program was formed. Students of any age with basic programming skills were allowed to participate, and two successful sessions produced ten alumni.


It was at this point Launch Brigade went from a vocational training program to a web design firm that now serves Santa Cruz, San Jose and the greater Bay Area. With available talent produced from the program, it was time to build a business around some of the graduates. By implementing business processes and technical best practices, a formula was created that would become a platform for successful website production. This is our product.

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