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A website redesign can be triggered by many reasons, such as needing to update the look and feel to align with current design standards, maintaining relevance with changing customer segments, updating content messaging, and more. Has your website evolved to align with your current business methodology and market landscape?

The competitive environment online is continuously evolving. The pandemic resulted in fundamental changes to how we engage with our target audience, and the level of competition for those prospective customers has increased by orders of magnitude.
Staying competitive requires significant effort and strategic investment in order to attract, and most importantly, convert those visitors to paying customers. It is typical to revisit your website strategy every 2-5 years. Marketing plans and objectives should be revisited quarterly.

Defining your strategy is the first vital step in beginning a website project. Launch Brigade can assist you as an unbiased partner, and help you to get clarity on how to make the most impact with a website redesign.


  • Customer Personas
  • Content Architecture
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Marketing Technology

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