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At Launch Brigade we build digital experiences which elevate brands and drive business

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We launch new digital experiences which increase engagement, awareness and conversion. We help our clients overcome challenges by converting obstacles into opportunities. With an independent perspective, we see the overlooked, and enhance business and marketing strategies.

Who We Are

Done well, done right

We are a team of strategists, creatives, and technologists with a passion for doing our absolute best work. We set a high bar for our own performance, obsessing over the critical details others miss. Every project is an opportunity for us to shine and be proud with our own stamp of excellence. Because anything worth doing is worth doing right.

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This group of really brilliant, cool, fast executing men and women who seem to know the web inside and out gave me crucial advice over a several month period. They let me drag my feet and get my business in order to accomodate the business models they helped me work through from an IT perspective. Never once did they pressure me. When it was their turn to act they did the project in 3 weeks well within projected timelines. The nice thing it that what ever I want to do that involves the web (almost business process) they have an answer. They are like a think tank that does projects faster. Sounds like NASA; perhaps a hint to their logo.

— Vin K.

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