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In today’s post-pandemic business landscape, organizations grapple with a myriad of challenges. Economic uncertainty, climate change, the rising prominence of AI, and intensified competition have created a highly volatile business environment.

Target audiences have become inundated with messaging and distractions, and as a result have a diminished attention span. In response marketing and branding are evolving at an unprecedented rate. With the emergence of digital innovations based on AI, the marketing toolkit has expanded beyond traditional digital media.

Launch Brigade is a digital experience agency which creates frictionless solutions that distribute the right content to the right audience at the right time. We blend innovative design with cutting-edge technology to create compelling digital experiences.

Our Services


Customer Personas
Content Architecture
Analytics and Tracking
Marketing Technology

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Website Design
UI/UX Design
Visual Branding
Style Guides

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Dynamic & Responsive Websites
Content Management Systems
Custom Software
Custom Functionality

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Fast Page Speed
Core Web Vitals
SEO Technical
ADA Compliance

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Marketing Automation
Lead Generation
Marketing Analytics
API Integrations

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WordPress Support
Website Security
Hosting Support
Content Publishing

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"Working with the Launch Brigade team has been great! Chris and his staff are really approachable, but more importantly super knowledgable about what it takes to build websites that are not only pretty but actually serve a business purpose.

In every circumstance, the team tries to find a solution that really makes sense to their clients. What really struck me is their integrity and how transparent they are when doing business. You can tell they really want to help their community, and they do so by offering great web development services.

I'm really glad I chose to work with Launch Brigade instead of another web design agency. Chris and his team definitely feel like friends to me - professional and web savvy friends who are there to get the job done."

— Gabby C.

Some of Our Clients Include:

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