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creative ideasThis one’s for the locals! Chances are, at one point or another, your team has come across an all too familiar problem: the creative block. Below are tips for how Bay area web design companies in particular can help their employees break out of a creative slump:

Go On Nature Walks

Research shows that nature promotes relaxation and stimulates creative thinking. But because many of us are often caught in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we don’t take the time to enjoy nature and allow it to inspire us. Fortunately, the Bay Area abounds with nature getaways. Consider having a team building day at the San Francisco Golden Gate Park.

Subscribe to Inspiring Content

Web design newsletters or magazines can serve as a source of inspiration. You can also head over to The Inspiration Grid and browse through beautiful designs from around the world.

Visit a Museum

Art exposes your brain to a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, and this type of stimulation can help trigger those ‘aha’ moments. If you work for a Bay Area web design firm, there’s no reason not to check out the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, or San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation.

Become Multi-disciplinary

While it’s great to be an expert in one area, broadening your skillset can make you more creative. Consider delving into a topic you’re unfamiliar with but would like to learn more about.

Take a Different Route to Work

If you have a clearly defined route that you take to and from work, try taking a different route. A change of scenery can provide the right amount of creativity fuel to spark your next biggest idea – and it makes commuting a lot less boring. So if you usually commute to work by car, hop on BART for a change. Public transportation in the Bay Area makes it easy to get around.

Attend Design Conferences

More and more web design conferences are springing up around the country. These conferences provide an excellent platform to learn about the latest groundbreaking techniques in design, and give you ample opportunities to network with other like-minded individuals. An upcoming event is the Web-Mobile-UX conference held July 19th in San Francisco.

Don’t let creative slumps decrease your agency’s productivity – try out some of the creative thinking techniques outlined above!

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