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Our first goal has been achieved, and we couldn’t be more thankful to the community: We’ve qualified for Mission Street Grants contest!

Along with our sister cloud company, Cloud Brigade, we applied for a grant so that we could continue conducting the internships became part of our company culture. Thanks to your support, we now have 273 votes out of the necessary 250 to enter the competition in hopes to receive a $150,000 grant to fund our apprenticeship and workforce development program.

The grant is offered by Chase Bank and Google, and only 20 companies in the entire country will receive it.

Giving back to the community

While the competition is fierce, we believe we are working towards something meaningful, and we would like to set precedence and create a model for how small and medium sized businesses could contribute towards creating new jobs and mentoring students in a dynamic and effective way.

We are not just a Bay Area web design company. We have also been running an internship program for eight years, training local talent and creating jobs. We’ve been working with Cabrillo College providing internships for – and then hiring – several of their IT students.

We have also been participating in the ROP program together with several other local companies, creating and teaching a basic web design course, covering HTML, CSS and PHP.

A Possible Future

We have big plans, and we are committed to executing them. With your help, we have embarked on this journey. We fully believe we are one of the strongest applicants for the grant and have a really good chance of being one of the 20 lucky companies.

We’ll keep you updated on the work we do with our interns and any development about our grant application and apprenticeship expansion.

Thank you, again, for your support!

by Judith Wellner


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