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web design graphicJoin the talk about web development in San Francisco on November 17-19, 2014. An Event Apart (AEA) is hosting a three day conference for those who are passionate about code, usability, and content. There will be twelve guest speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities. Online registration for this event is now available.

November 17th marks the first day of the conference. Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of Happy Cog and A List Apart, will be speaking first. Zeldman will discuss the importance of becoming your own ambassador to achieve personal and professional success. The next scheduled speaker is author Scott Berkun. Berkun will share his tips on how to put knowledge gained during the conference to practice. Dan Mall, founder of SuperFriendly, will then discuss responsive design methodologies that can be applied to both small and large projects. Additional speakers for that day include Luke Wroblewski, co-founder of Input Factory, as well as Josh Clark, and Jared Spool.

Day two of this event will include a presentation by Jeremy Keith, who will touch on the importance of simplicity in web design and also discuss the principle of progressive enhancement. Erika Hall, co-founder of Mule Design Studio, will address the role of research in uncovering opportunities for business improvement and innovation. Following Hall’s presentation will be Kristina Halvorson who will illuminate the importance of cross-team collaboration. The remaining speakers for that day include Mike Monteiro, Scott Jehl, and Chris Coyier.

If you work for a web development agency in San Francisco, or are simply interested in the topics covered by the speakers outlined above, this could be a great opportunity to network with locals and increase your knowledge of web design. Please book your reservation in advance, as there are limited spaces available.

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