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Is your website mobile friendly?

Experts say 2014 will be the year that mobile device internet usage will surpass the desktop. If your current website does not support mobile devices, you may already be losing business. While you may not sell any products online, more and more consumers are searching the internet for products and services using a mobile device out of convenience. If your website is not easy to use and read on mobile, they will likely move on to a competitors website. You can use our free Mobile Friendly Test Tool below to find out if your website is mobile friendly.

What is a mobile Friendly Website?

Previously you needed a separate “mobile website” just for phones, but this is no longer preferred. With the various screen sizes across available phones, tablets, and other devices such as Google Glass, it’s impossible to design a site for every screen size. Instead the website must be fluid and gracefully scale down to the smaller sizes. This is known as “Responsive Design” aka “Mobile Friendly”. In addition search engine companies such as Google has stated publicly that they prefer to index one URL per website. This has the added benefit of composing content one time, and minimizing errors associated with duplicate copies of content.

How can I tell if my website is Mobile Friendly?

Conventional websites appear with very small print, forcing the user to “zoom in” and scroll left to right in order to consume the content. This provides a very poor user experience that is a big turn-off to potential customers. The below graphic shows our website with and without Responsive Design on a smart phone.


A Mobile Friendly website makes the best possible use of space on any device with any screen size. The below graphic shows how our website scales from smart phone to tablet to desktop.



Now Test your website!

Using our tool (opens a new browser tab or window) you can see what your website looks like on multiple screen sizes. Scroll to the right to see 5 different screen sizes, and compare them to the above examples

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