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In today’s technology-driven wCustomers giving moneyorld, a website can either make or break a sale. If designed correctly, your website can become your greatest sales tool. Consider the following guidelines:

Keep it Simple

When it comes to website design, simplicity almost always wins. A website should present your products/services in a clear, persuasive way. Visitors should be able to identify what you’re selling within the first few seconds. If your website is too cluttered, it will likely confuse visitors and cause them to turn away.

Make it Attractive

Simple does not equate to boring. Consider the psychology of color and use different colors on different parts of your website. For example, red and orange are excellent colors to use for call-to-action buttons.

Tailor Content to Your Customers

Have you defined your ideal customers yet? Do you know what their pain points or challenges are? How do your products/services address their needs? Keep your customers in mind when you are writing content for your website. If you have a sales team, find out what questions they are likely to be asked from potential clients, then turn those insights into blog topics.

Use Calls to Action

Your website serves two purposes: it informs customers about who you are and what you offer, and it persuades them to take a specific action. Increase your sales by adding a Call To Action button to your home page, and to the end of every blog post you publish.

Make it Responsive

Many experts believe that by the end of this year more people will have mobile devices than laptops or desktops. Is your website optimized for mobile viewing? Take this free test to find out, or get in touch with us! Our Bay Area web design firm specializes in developing mobile friendly websites.

Give Something Away for Free

People love free offers. Consider giving away a free consultation, e-book, tool-kit, or anything else that might entice potential customers to sign up for your services and purchase your product.

Monitor Your Stats

Use Google Analytics to monitor traffic trends, bounce rates, conversion rates, and visitor behavior. Make sure Google Webmasters is enabled so you can see what people are searching for to find your website. These insights are absolutely free and can help you improve your marketing efforts.

As one of the premier Bay Area web design companies, we know what it takes to build a website that is not only beautiful, but can generate more traffic, leads, and sales. Give us a call today to speak with one of our experts.

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