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Building a Supersonic Website

Strategic Brand Advisory firm Perch Partners was looking for a development partner to build Boom Supersonic’s new website. Perch partnered with Launch Brigade on the project, and our teams worked together to build and launch a website which reflected Boom’s exacting standards.

Perch’s design team delivered a modern detailed design and style guide in Figma, which Launch Brigade implemented in a near pixel-perfect website.

A Leap Towards Agility, Scalability, and Security for Surging Web Traffic

The original website was built on the React Javascript framework. While it reflected the brand elements, and content changes had to be added by a dedicated full stack developer. As the company ascended through its growth journey, the website audience was evolving to include new stakeholders. Boom needed a website which was editable by non-technical staff.

The website had to provide an intuitive backend which allowed their marketing team to act with agility, and a dynamic front end which supported and rendered the team’s modern and dynamic design aesthetic. The website receives a lot of unpredictable traffic and needs to be fast, scalable, and secure.

Our Solution

WordPress was selected as the platform which would best support the client’s needs and support future growth. This included the ability to reuse functional design patterns, add rich interactive features, and support the marketing technology stack.

Leveraging WordPress’s emerging Gutenberg theme editor, Launch Brigade built a custom theme with advanced Gutenberg “Blocks”. These custom blocks enable staff to easily add rich content in an intuitive interface, rendering the content tightly on the front end across multiple devices and screen sizes.

The website was built with Google’s Core Web Vitals in mind, using optimization techniques to ensure the best experience on a graphic heavy website. The website was load tested to ensure both the website and the hosting service could deliver a performant experience with record numbers of visitors. As a technology company, Boom required stringent security, Launch Brigade worked with Boom’s CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and team to establish realistic security standards for the site, and WordPress was hardened with Enterprise Grade security.


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