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DMARC Explained

DMARC Explained

Beginning in February 2024, Google and Yahoo will begin to enforce an email standard called DMARC. You may have received a notification from other vendors who send email on your behalf (Website or ecommerce host, mailing list company, etc.), requesting that you set up...

Tuning WordPress for High Traffic Volume

Your WordPress website is about to undergo extremely high traffic conditions and you want to be prepared. You have done everything you can on the server side, but the database is increasingly becoming a bottleneck. Table Engine Type Make sure your tables have the...

5 Website Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

1) Avoid large blocks of text and distracting visuals People who visit your website want information, quickly. If it takes them longer than a few seconds to figure out what your website is all about, they’ll likely move on to something else. Avoid unnecessary images...

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